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We are now certified by the state of Iowa Public Health to perform Radon Measurements for Real Estate Transactions.  When real estate transaction include radon testing the test must be performed by licensed Radon Measurement specialists.  States have different requirements. Iowa requires certification for both the measurement specialist and the radon mitigator.  Once a radon mitigation system has been installed a post test should be conducted to make sure the mitigation system is functioning properly.

To perform this test it requires closed house conditions.  The windows and door need to remain closed prior to and during the radon test.  A measurement device is placed in the lowest lived in area which is typically a finished basement.  The test is conducted for 48 hours.  At the end of the 48 hours the test is concluded and the results are emailed to the client.  The EPA recommends action be taken for any results above 4 Picocuries.   This is not required by law and the seller is not bound to install a system, but this information can help to buyer decide on the conditions of the purchase.

The radon test is an additional service that we offer to our clients to help them make informed decisions.

Radon continues to be a concern of many home buyers.  For additional information go to the EPAs website for radon, or your local county Public Health department can provide additional information.

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